Difference Between High School and College Essays

By: | Updated: Oct-24, 2022
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Transitioning from high school to college can feel like an empowering experience. You may go to a distinct country to pursue your studies. You will meet new people, but also delve deeper into subjects you have a genuine interest in and want to find out more about. So, as a high school student who started preparing for college, you might think about the difference between college and high school essay.

You might wonder how you could discover more about what follows in your life. Teachers from high school are not the same as the ones you will meet at college. Their expectations and requirements are distinct. So, want to find out more about college writing vs high school writing? Continue reading below to discover the main differences that will help you manage your expectations when you start college.

Difference Between High School and College Essays

The Hallmarks of Highschool Writing

As a high schooler, you are probably familiar with the tasks you get. You have to write essays on topics already provided by your teacher. You also get a list of detailed requirements and guidelines that help you write the essay. High school writing is among the first experiences you have with academic writing at a basic level.

You are taught how to create an outline, follow a structure, and write a clear and compelling essay. High school writing might seem complicated at the moment, but having all the guidelines from your teacher helps you form your skills. These are the first experiences you get with writing, experiences that might feel challenging but put the basis of your skills. Skills you will expand and hone during college.

The Hallmarks of College Writing

The transition from high school to college can feel complicated for some, especially when you take a look at the tasks you get. Indeed, college is the time when you deepen your knowledge of a specific subject. And for this, you need to explore it in depth. College essays are more demanding than high school essays and if you are a first-year, you might feel stressed and overwhelmed to write powerfully. Indeed, expectations change a lot and during college, you need to write more and more complex essays. Even students who excelled at high school writing consider to buy essays online for college. To buy college essays comes with benefits, such as showing you how a compelling and powerful college essay is written.

You see what a plagiarism-free essay looks like, one that is suited to many academic degrees. Online, you can easily buy college essays that will inspire you to start your own. They teach you how to convey the message and they also come with the motivation you need to start working on your tasks.

Differences Between Highschool and College Writing

College vs high school essay? What is the difference between them? Do they have something in common? Let’s discover together. As with any piece of paper or type of writing, there are both differences and similarities between them. The differences reside in the structure of the papers. While in high school papers, the structure is quite simple and it follows a simple and basic outline, papers in college are more complex.

You do not have to adapt the topic to the structure of the paper, as is the case with high school papers. You have to adapt the structure depending on the topic which may change your approach a little bit. There is also a difference when it comes to the audience of your paper and also the language and vocabulary you use.

While in college they are more complex and addressed to the professor, in high school they have a broader audience in mind. And maybe one of the greatest differences is the length of the essays. In high school, they are shorter than in college. A high school essay might have a maximum of 1000 words, while a college one can reach 10 pages.

Final Thoughts

The transition from high school to college can feel challenging, overwhelming, and stressful. It can scare many high school students as they were not expecting to have such complex tasks. And indeed, college essays vs high school essays are pretty distinct. They are similar as they are both written papers, but the requirements, essay structure, and length differ.

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