Difference Between Motivation and Meditation Apps

By: | Updated: Feb-21, 2023
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Difference Between Motivation and Meditation Apps

Do you only feel motivated when starting a new project? It’s always fun to brainstorm and get inspired by all the different ideas and possibilities, But it’s much harder to stay on track and not lose this spark in the process. Of course, motivation is not gonna be constant. You’ll have some ups and downs. However, it’s important to make “ups” last the longest.

Luckily, with modern technology, you can have a few little helpers on your phone. There are countless apps designed to keep you motivated even when you have to write a long boring research paper for your least favorite subject. Consider looking into these eight apps to help deal with any project in no time.

myHomework Student Planner

Having all your assignments listed in front of you might sound the opposite of being motivated. But knowing what and when you need to do is a huge part of gathering all your motivation in the right place. When you know that you have to deal with a 10-page research paper a week ahead, it does not feel as overwhelming as remembering it three days before the deadline.

Notably, myHomework Student Planner is a great option to keep on track with all your projects and assignments. This way, you can set your priorities straight. Some you’ll get started with right away. And some could be entrusted to a professional. For this, search for “do my paper for me” online. Thus, you’ll never miss a deadline on your paper.

It’s easy to feel discouraged by the workload. But keeping it organized in the app designed for homework helps you to maintain focus. And what can be more motivating than dealing with your assignments as soon as possible?

Clockwork Tomato

Another great app to not crush under assignments is Clockwork Tomato. This is perfect for staying focused and motivated to get your work done with the Pomodoro method. The idea behind it is studying without interruption for a certain interval and making a small break.

Clockwork Tomato is a timer that helps you to achieve that. It is easy to slip or get lost in counting your intervals. But with this app, all you have to do is set the duration of your study session and press “start.” And you won’t have to worry about looking at the clock all the time.

Difference Between Motivation and Meditation Apps


As you might notice, lack of focus is the number one enemy of motivation. You might feel all hyped and ready to do your work. But then a notification from your favorite Youtuber drops. And suddenly, the assignment is postponed for later.

Forest is the app to block out these distractions in a fun way. The app blocks your phone and grows trees during your study session. And if you pick it up in temptation, you see an encouraging message to ”Grow your forest.” A nice change from the hustle and grind slogans, don’t you think?


As important as it is to stay focused, having a good rest is no less significant for staying motivated. Headspace is a perfect app to use for meditating and exercising mindfulness. Thus, you will feel refreshed and fulfilled after spending some time with your inner world.

With Headspace, you can:

  • choose mediation sessions as lengthy as you like;
  • do breathing exercises;
  • try focused attention;
  • have an unusual workout like “mindful cardio.”

Thus, you can include all sorts of mindfulness practices in your daily life. And having a reason behind your activities will always benefit your motivation.


This app is great for people who, in the game of truth or dare, always choose the latter. Beeminder challenges you to achieve your goals by taking bets from you in cash. You set the goal and track down your road to it. And if you fail, you lose your leverage.

For example, you want to make a habit of starting to work on your assignments as early as possible. You set the goal, make leverage (like 4 dollars or more), and start tracking your path. And if your data is not updating, you’ll get charged the exact sum you bet on.


It takes discipline to enhance your motivation. But acknowledgment of your progress and self-love is a huge part of staying on track as well. Fabulous is a great app to set and track your wellness habits, whether it’s drinking enough water or reading more.

Thus, you’ll develop healthy strategies to cope with rough patches. Fabulous also has all sorts of encouraging messages and quotes for you to continue your self-care journey. So, you would not feel as if you’re failing but moving towards the best version of yourself.


Nothing is more discouraging than forgetting about the task. The sheer stress of getting it done in the shortest time possible is not the way you want to start your project. Thus, consider installing Due to avoid these frustrating moments.

Due is a perfect notification app to never forget about your task. You can have everything scheduled there: from your paper deadlines to online meetings with a professor. It’s clean and flexible for organizing all your tasks, setting priorities, and postponing notifications of less important things.

Habit Bull

Another great boost for your motivation is to see your progress through time. Habit Bull is one of the best apps to see how far you’ve come in developing a habit. What makes this app different is the detailed statistics. It shows your progress in charts and has all sorts of reminders to help you stay on track.

Habit Bull has a lot of options for different tasks. You can set deadlines and commitments there. So, you can see not only the development of your habits but how fast and efficiently you deal with your assignments, just as professionals at best assignment writing services do. Thus, you’ll never struggle with the motivation to do better.

Wrapping Up

That’s about it. Stay organized with myHomework Student Planner, and keep focused on your work with Clockwork Tomato and Forest. Use Headspace to practice mindfulness and relaxation. Try Beeminder if you’re motivated by challenges best. Consider Fabulous if you want to improve your self-care habits. Install Due to never miss a deadline, and try Habit Bull or staying on top of your game and be motivated by the progress you’ve made.

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