Difference Between Pink Lemonade and Lemonade

By: | Updated: Jul-23, 2021
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Suppose summer is here and that means that there are so many kids, teenagers and adults who are enjoying this beautiful season. Now, if you are one of them, then you must be craving for the taste of something fresh and cool. There are many refreshing drinks available for you, but one of them is lemonade. You can make your own lemonade at home and it will taste just as good as the store bought ones.

You will be amazed to know that lemonade can be prepared from a variety of ingredients. For example, there are so many different recipes available for making the best lemonade. You can use different types of lemons and fruits to make this drink as per your taste and preference. However, one thing is sure, you will love the taste of this drink. The main ingredient in making lemonade is water. You can add other ingredients like sugar, spices and lemon rinds to make it more delicious and tasty. This drink is very refreshing and tasty.

This drink is also very healthy and you can use it to make your body feel better. You can consume this drink in different ways such as using it as a beverage, adding some sugar in it or making ice cubes with lemonade and having them during hot summer days.

Pink lemonade is also a popular drink for children and is also very refreshing. But what is the difference between pink lemonade and lemonade? How do you know which one to choose and how can you distinguish between them? Read on to know more about these drinks.

Summary Table

Pink Lemonade Lemonade
Uses a combination of lemon, strawberry syrup, and other ingredients Uses lemon as the main ingredient
Sweeter Sweet with a tangy flavor
Has a light color with a slight pink hue Clear and yellowish in color


Difference Between Pink Lemonade and Lemonade

What is lemonade?

Lemonade is a refreshing drink made of lemon juice, sugar and water. It is usually served chilled or on ice. Lemonade is also known as “lemon bounce” or “lemon juice”. In the past, it was made with a glass of water and lemon juice. Nowadays, the lemonade is also made with carbonated water or fizzy water.

Lemonade is a non-alcoholic drink and it is mostly served in the summer. It is very refreshing and a thirst quencher. When the lemonade is served, the glass is usually filled with ice cubes and sugar. Then the lemon juice and water are added to make it a nice refreshing drink.

What is pink lemonade?

Pink lemonade or “pink drink” has been gaining popularity among children. The word “pink” means a mixture of red and white. This is the colour of the drink. It is also known as “pink drink” or “red lemonade”.

It is usually served in tall glasses and it has similar ingredients to that of lemonade, but it has more sugar than that of lemonade. In some places, the pink lemonade is served in a glass with ice cubes and it is called “iced pink lemonade”.

Pink lemonade can be made from either sugar or sugar syrup. It depends on where you buy your drink. Some places sell the pink lemonade in a bottle and some places sell it in a tall glass.

How to make a simple lemonade?

It is very easy to make a simple lemonade. As mentioned above, all you need is lemon juice, sugar and water. You can add ice cubes if you want to chill the drink. This drink is best served chilled and it can be prepared in a few minutes.

Squeeze the juice of one lemon into a large bowl. Add water and sugar to make it a refreshing drink. Stir well and enjoy!

How to make a pink lemonade?

To make a pink lemonade, you need to add some sugar and then some water. If you want to make it with sugar syrup, add the water and sugar syrup in a bottle or container. Then shake it well until all the ingredients are mixed well.

You can also buy ready-made pink lemonade that is served in a tall glass. You can serve it with ice cubes and sugar. Some places also sell it in a bottle, but you need to add some water first before serving.

If you like the taste of citrus fruits, then you will love making your own homemade lemonade or pink lemonade. You can even make it in the kitchen of your home and you will not need to buy any bottled drinks or beverages from the store. You can easily make this refreshing drink at home with a few ingredients.

Pink Lemonade Vs. Lemonade

While lemonade and pink lemonade are both sweetened lemon-flavored drinks, they have different ingredients and serving sizes. Now, let’s take a look more at the differences between these drinks.

  1. Ingredients

Lemonade is a sweetened lemon juice beverage, whereas pink lemonade is a sweetened lemon or strawberry drink. So the ingredients of these drinks are different. Lemonade is made from lemon juice and sugar whereas pink lemonade can also use lemon but has strawberry syrup as an ingredient.

  1. Serving Size

Lemonade can be consumed in the form of soda, fountain drink or as a fresh fruit juice. On the other hand, pink lemonade is consumed in the form of a beverage. The serving size of pink lemonade is not limited, it can be consumed as a glass of drink or even as a mixer for punch. Lemonade is usually served in a glass or pitcher.

  1. Color

Lemonade is clear and yellowish in color whereas pink lemonade has a light color with a slight pink hue. This color difference is very apparent when you drink pink lemonade and see the color change in your glass. The color came from the fruit syrup used in the drink.

  1. Taste

Lemonade is a sweet drink with tangy flavor whereas pink lemonade has a sweeter taste. Pink lemonade has different fruit flavors which make it usually more enjoyable. The taste of lemonade is more bitter and sour while pink lemonade tastes better with its sweet flavor.

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