Difference Between Red and White Wine Glasses

By: | Updated: May-14, 2023
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Difference Between Red and White Wine Glasses

We find out that drinking wine is an artistry, it is an action that has been around for ages. You need to have knowledge that the first wine devoured by the archaic of Greeks and Romans. You know that wine is produced from leavened grape fluid which is generally red or white colored.

Summary Table

Red Wine Glasses White Wine Glasses
Made from natural materials like glass and crystal Can be made from metal
Burgundy glass Bordeaux glass
Do not have a bowl Have small bowl

You name the red wine as Sangiovese while the white wine is renowned as Chardonnay. You should use a variety of diverse glasses when drinking wine like the full-bodied glass or the delicate glass.

Although the figure of the glasses diverge, you are aware that each of them have one matter in common: they look gorgeous. The build is purely exquisite and has nothing to do with how it acts or its taste. You may find a sort of specific glasses that are destined for your several types of wine.

In this article, you will look at the difference between red and white wine glasses.

What are red wine glasses?

We know that red wine glasses are created from a variety of individual substance involving crystal and glass. For the most part, you will identify the red wine glasses as slim tumblers with different diameters. Your type of wine can specify the figure of the glasses.

You have got to use the glass that have a straight-sided frame with a deep bowl for red wine that has piles of tannin. You can name this sort of glass as the Bordeaux wine glass. While for light color wines, you can use slim caulescent glasses that resemble a wine cooler. For this kind of glasses, you can call it the Burgundy glass.

Red wine glasses came throughout the 1800s when the Burgundy region of France come to be famous for its wines. These glasses are largely formed with quartz, alloy, or glass.

Difference Between Red and White Wine Glasses

The glasses usually developed from lead crystal to prevent your wine from become dark. You have to admit that these glasses have a plain form and their main objective is to storage your wine so you can have fun with it over a longer time span.

For drinking the red wine of yours, you should use a glass that has a broad bowl and is straight-sided. You need to be familiar with the perfect temperature for red wine and it is between 14°C (57°F) and 16°C (61°F). You will create a wine that have a very great amount of tannin if you set it with higher temperature.

What are white wine glasses?

You recognize that there is substantial difference of red and white wine glasses that you have. You can look at their dissimilarity shape. You will realize that the white wine glass has a fluted bowl whereas the red wine glasses have no bowl at all.

You realize that all your white wine glasses have a small bowl on them. The stem of your glasses is very acute at the bottom hence you are able to apply it as a wine opener. This whole components are established to construct an elegant look.

You should understand that this form was produced in 1994 by Luigi Veronelli from Italy. The fluted bowl was designed to cause you have a very great experience in gulping your white wine.

You might see that white wine glasses usually have a ordinary shape, although there are very much of it that have narrow pots. You ae going to use the glass very often for your white wines. Especially, the white wine that have a keen fruit taste like Sauvignon Blanc.

As you already know, the white wine glasses can be created from glass and quartz or you can find them developed from metal such as silver or gold. You will identify that the majority of the white wine glasses are formed from glass.

Besides that, you should know the best temperature for your white wine so you can enjoy it to the fullest. If you want to have your very great white wine, you must set the temperature at 12°C (53°F) or even lower.

How are they related?

As you already see, the two wines have their own distinctive. You recognize that the white wine glasses have a bowl while the red wine glasses do not have it. You have to remember that the bowl on the base of glasses is what cause them dissimilar. Even if they are produced with diverse substantial, they have the identical function.

Depend on what type of wine you provide, you can identify the separate form of the glasses. For the red wines that have tons of tannin in them, you require to make use of the red wine glasses. Whilst the white wine glasses are used for your white wines with a keen fruit favor.

The red wine glass has a straight-sided frame, intense bowl and is mostly created from quartz or glass. You use the Bordeaux wine glasses for your red wines, whereas the Burgundy wine glasses will be use for white wines that have a light frame and fruity taste.

You must recognize that the white wine glasses are often developed from glass and you can use it for every types of your white wines. If you crave to gain the foremost out of your experience, it is necessary for you to know that it is essential to distinguish the dissimilarity between red and white wine glasses.

What are the differences?


You will find that the red wine glasses have a fundamental substance such as crystal or glass. They are mostly made from crystal in order to hinder your wine from becoming muddy.

You need to take note that it is very different with the white wine glasses. You see that they have tiny bowl to in the bottom. You know that they can be made from quartz, metal, or glass but mostly they are produced from glass. It is since the glass has less possibility of cracking your wine.


You can tell which wine glasses you will use by knowing what kind of wine you have. You have to aware that the red wine glasses and white wine glasses have a different shape. You may utilize Bordeaux glass for the white wine while for the red wine, you can use your Burgundy glass.


You will see the clear difference between the red wine glasses and white wine glasses. The white wine glasses have a small bowl. While you can see that the red wine glasses  do not have a bowl at all.

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