Difference Between Research Proposal and Research Report

By: | Updated: Jan-17, 2022
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The Research Proposal is the way a researcher presents the research problem and communicates the need for research. It is a crucial part of the application process. It provides a brief overview of the research questions the researcher is trying to answer. It also outlines the research methodology that the researcher will use.

A research report, on the other hand, is the result of a research project. This report is an excellent way to present the results of your research to others. It is the result of the study that was conducted during the research process.If you have any problems with writing and want someone “do my research paper for me”, turn to professionals.

This article will explain the differences between a research proposal and a research report.

Difference Between Research Proposal and Research Report

Definition of a Research Proposal

A Research Proposal is a document that the researcher creates to describe the research program in detail. This is usually a request for funding for the subject being studied. A research proposal, in other words, is a summary or description of the research process that provides quick information about the research project.

After the research proposal has been approved, it is sent to the appropriate authority. Once the research proposal has been submitted, it will be evaluated to determine if the cost, potential impact, and soundness of the plan for the project are all considered.

The purpose of the proposal is to justify the necessity and importance of the study and to show the practical methods for conducting it. To demonstrate the necessity of the research, the proposal should contain persuasive evidence.

It must also discuss the major issues and questions that the researcher will address during the research. It must also highlight the main area of the research study.

There are many formats that can be used to create a research proposal. The length of each format will vary. It includes an introduction, problem hypothesis, and assumptions.

Definition of Research Report

Research Report is the document that organizes and presents the data collected and analyzed. It’s a publication that includes the purpose, scope, and hypothesis of the research project, as well as the methodology, findings, limitations, recommendations, and conclusion.

A research report is simply the record of the research process. This is the most important analyzed search because it is the record of the research process.

A research report is a collection of facts that have been carefully considered and are intended to be succinct, understandable information for people.

After the research is complete, all work is written down, and this is known as a research report. This document describes the research activities in detail. It includes Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology.

Research reports are used to document the research process and its results for future reference.

There are key differences between a Research Proposal or a Research Report.

Below is a discussion on the difference between a research proposal and a research report.

A research proposal is a framework that guides the research. A research proposal can be described as a plan for collecting, measuring, and analysing data. A research report is a written description of the research findings. It follows a particular format.

Preparing a research proposal is the first step in research work. However, the final step is writing a research report.

The research proposal is created at the start of the project. The research report, however, is completed after the project has been completed.

Research proposals are written in future tense. However, the research report’s tense is in past tense. It is also written in third person.

A research proposal should be between 4-10 pages. The research report, on the other hand, is approximately 100 to 300 pages.

The topic or problem to be researched is the focus of the research proposal. The research report, on the other hand, focuses only on the findings of the completed research.

The research proposal outlines the scope of research, its relevance and the methods to be the used. The research report,the  on the other hand, determines the scope of the research, data sources, data collection methods (i.e. Survey, interview, questionnaire), results and conclusions, as well as recommendations for future research.

Three chapters make up the Research Proposal: Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology. Introduction, Literature Review and Research Methodology are the three chapters of Research Proposal. The Research Report, on the other hand, covers the following chapters: Introduction, Literature Review and Research Methodology. Results, Interpretation, Analysis, Conclusion, and Recommendation.


A research proposal is basically the planning stage for the research work. It must be prepared in writing format to prove its value. The research report, on the other hand is the end of the research process. Open this review to take a look at trustworthy writing services.

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