Difference Between Study and Learn

By: | Updated: Aug-11, 2021
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Education represents one of the most important things in peoples’ lives, we can all agree to that. It often comes with certain terminology that college or high school students don’t fully understand. Because of that, we are here today to show you the difference between the terms study and learn. It is a question that sometimes can start debates in the classrooms and, of course, that can lead to disagreements. Truth be told, it can be said that it is healthy to see how students share their opinions and learn from them. Yes, they learn from them, not study them but we will explain why we used this exact term. To prevent similar events from happening in the future, let’s see what we have made ready for you.

First, Let’s Cover Definitions

Difference Between Study and Learn

When we are making comparisons between subjects or terms, something that we must clarify first is the definitions of them. It’s the same as with writing tutoring when students find themselves confused about their paper writing and asking teachers to provide them with help. But that is just a single example. Anyways, let’s see what definitions of the terms above can reveal for us.

1.    What Is Studying?

The simplest way we can describe the meaning of this term is – a process. Studying differs from learning because it takes much more time to grow, perfect, and bring to a satisfying level for the student. Studying usually implies some helping tools like the Internet, newspapers, or books that students can use from time to time to speed up their efficiency. To understand it completely and without any complications, we will provide you with some interesting samples.

  • “You were studying the whole night, are you tired”?
  • “Josh is constantly studying to become an engineer”.

As you can probably notice, the term studying is almost every time used to describe an action that demands a certain period to be invested. It is not something that comes immediately overnight. And that’s one of the biggest differentiations that separates it from the term learn.

2.    What Is Learning

Now, let’s have a look at what learning represents. To simply put it, learning usually comes as a final product of a persons’ studying. What does it mean? Well, through learning people are getting knowledge about particular areas and trying to remember as many details as possible. It can sometimes demand another individual, teacher mostly, who will guide you and help you attain practice. Studying, on the other hand, implies remembrance of the details you have read or heard. So, it can be said that it is just one of many ways that people can practice their learning. Let’s see some examples.

  • “I have learned to make my favorite meal from my dad”.
  • “As a singer, it is not easy to learn all those texts”.

As you can see, learning comes from experiencing different moments. Additionally, you can use the term learn when you have learned something about someone.

  • “I’ve learned that Julius Caesar was a Roman emperor”.

A point that you should remember is that when you learn, your knowledge stays in your mind forever.

Study VS Learn

Frequently, students use Reddit to get help about the things they are interested in but can’t master them. It is just one of many websites that can provide them with that kind of information. Some of the questions that can be found there are related to where they can use the term “study”, and where they can use “learn”. With this in mind, we can’t allow students to live in expectancy and ignorance anymore.

  • Global Usage: The difference between study and learning refers to the time that is required for an action to be completed. Hence, globally we use “study” when we need a few days, weeks, or months to get the knowledge about something. “Learn”, we use when we want to get to know some data quickly or in a short period.
  • Finding The Purpose of Something or Showing an Intention: One of the ways to show the difference between those terms can be easily shown through finding purpose in something or showing intention to do it. What do we actually mean by this? Well, some students find purpose in their studying of a particular subject or even a single lesson. For instance, studying medications that can cure headaches can be considered as “study of a lifetime”. The key point lies that a student eventually learned what he can use to remedy his head issues by studying.
  • Books: A JPost article about reading books most efficiently and discovering how to study and learn them can be useful for every student. It is an Israel-based newspaper website that offers articles about many areas. Students can see how the terms “learn” and “study” can differ by reading books. You will be focusing on details and studying the books’ plot by reading page by page. A dot above the letter “I” will be put when you learn and remember them. Without any hesitation, we can conclude that reading can connect those terms much easier than someone may be thinking.


Congratulations! Hopefully, we successfully managed to present you a few ways on how you can differ these terms that are oftentimes mixed up. Just remember, study to gain knowledge and learn not to forget it!

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