Difference Between VPN and Tor

By: | Updated: Nov-11, 2022
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Maintaining privacy on the Internet is very important for users. Everyone can face many attacks that can reveal personal data. However, we also have a large number of tools and programs at our disposal that can be used to protect ourselves. The goal is to prevent the disclosure of personal information online to anyone. In this article, we’ll talk about the difference between Tor and VPN from a privacy standpoint. Carefully study the material to make the right choice as a result.

General Characteristic of a Virtual Private Network: Is a VPN Better than Tor?

Difference Between VPN and Tor

A VPN is a modern well-known technology that is designed to protect the privacy of users on the Internet, encrypt their IP addresses, and encrypt various online interactions. VPN PC includes a whole network of servers located in different countries of the world. When you use Windows VPN software, the information on your PC passes through one of the VeePN servers before reaching the final destination via the global network Internet. According to the same mechanism, getting into the user’s computer system, information passes through a secure VPN for Windows 10 and only then is displayed on the device. Thus, the user receives any data online without disclosing his own location. Only the VPN server knows the real access point. Moreover, the message that is sent from the server is securely encrypted, due to which the access of any third parties is blocked. A VPN app windows 10 is also widely used to access content that is not available in certain regions due to certain restrictions.

VPN service providers allow users to switch between different servers located in many countries of the world. For example, you can connect through a specific server in one country to access restricted content in another country. In general, a well-designed VPN provides the following benefits:

  • Expanded connections in different geographic locations without the use of a leased line;
  • Increased security of data exchange;
  • Save time and money;
  • Improved performance for geographically dispersed resources.

As for the disadvantages of using a VPN, we may only mention a decrease in the speed of loading websites. However, in our opinion, this is not such a significant drawback, the main thing is that the high security of private data is ensured.

What Is Tor and How Does It Work?

Tor is a system that allows establishing an anonymous network connection, protected from eavesdropping. Tor is considered an anonymous network of virtual tunnels that transmits data in encrypted form. In fact, Tor is a system of proxy servers that are protected by multi-level encryption. All proxy servers involved in the data transfer process are randomly selected, so it is almost impossible to track a real user.

With Tor, users can remain anonymous when visiting websites, posting materials, sending messages, and so on. In this regard, Tor is actively used by individuals to ensure the confidentiality of their privacy. Corporations and organizations use Tor to ensure trade secrets and other data that may harm protected interests. In general, it is considered a scientific achievement from a technical point of view, ensuring the high confidentiality of network users.

Pros of using Tor:

  • Tor consists of a huge number of servers that are distributed around the world, so it is very difficult to close it. If one network is disrupted, others continue to operate actively because the system is decentralized;
  • The system allows the user to provide security and anonymity online.

Tor has several limitations that should be considered:

  • Slow speed. This is because the message must pass through multiple servers before it can be transmitted;
  • Lack of resources for system upgrades and maintenance fees;
  • Available only for Android. iOS users cannot use the system because it is not available for this operating system.

Which Is Better Tor or VPN?

And now we approached the main issue of this article “Which is better to choose: Tor or VPN?”. Let’s make a comparison to come to a definite conclusion.


VPN is a unique technology that creates an encrypted and secure connection over a less secure connection, such as the Internet. VPN technology creates a secure tunnel connection using special VPN protocols. It disguises the real IP address of the user on its own, encrypts all user data, and transmits it through a secure tunnel, which allows you to use the Internet anonymously.

After the creation of a VPN account, your experience on the global network will be absolutely unchanged. It’s just that your Internet activity will be tunneled through a network of VPN servers across the country or even around the world. The real IP address will be securely hidden and, therefore, no one will be able to trace it. A VPN will not replace your ISP. It works with the user’s ISP and the global network Internet, generating a reliable tunnel for secure data transmission.


Tor also provides anonymity since the user’s Internet activity is routed through many servers, making it difficult to track activity. However, the system does not take additional measures to protect the user’s personal data from hackers. It just directs the data, so the risk of tracking it remains. In addition, visiting some web pages hosted on Tor may infect your device with malware.

It becomes obvious that the use of VPN is more efficient than Tor. Using a VPN, the traffic can be routed safely through a server located elsewhere in the world. This effectively protects against local snooping and hacking attempts, and even encrypts the real Internet protocol address from the web pages being accessed. However, if you want to use Tor, you can also use a VPN at the same time. This will create maximum protection for you on the network.


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