Difference Between Effective Marketing Strategy Development

By: | Updated: Oct-14, 2023
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Good marketing is key to business success. A solid plan can make all the difference when exploring dropshipping or print-on-demand. This requires creativity and strategy to ensure every marketing effort is cohesive and goal-oriented.

So, what exactly is a marketing strategy?

A company’s marketing strategy includes its goals and efforts to achieve them.

Your marketing strategy includes:

  1. Set long-term marketing goals.
  2. Determine your company’s main benefit
  3. Your target market

The strategy guides the marketing team’s efforts toward the company’s goals. Company values and purpose underpin good marketing strategies.

Difference Between Effective Marketing Strategy Development

Marketing strategy, plan, and tactic differences

Aren’t these three the same? I’ll explain their differences.

Marketing strategy is the foundation of your marketing efforts. It sets the tone for your marketing goals and milestones.

In contrast, a marketing plan is a specific sequence. The lifespan of marketing plans is usually limited by a campaign timeline. Marketing plans are small but important, ensuring deliberate actions.

Let’s say I sell same-day t-shirt printing NYC. I introduced fanny packs this year. Since custom products require time and resources, they must provide a return on investment. In six months, I want to sell at least 1000 fanny packs.

Here are my marketing plan steps to achieve that goal:

  1. Share the product launch on social media to raise awareness.
  2. Give away fanny packs to get positive feedback.
  3. Offer a discount on fanny packs or orders with them to boost sales.
  4. Repost positive custom fanny pack reviews for social proof.
  5. Write a blog post about the best t-shirts for Halloween and include fanny packs.

I can do more, but you get the idea—don’t go in blind and hope your goals happen. To achieve your goals, watch how you market your brand and products.

Marketing tactics next. These methods help achieve marketing goals and plans. Marketing tactics are often confused with plans. Marketing plans are company-specific and include clear actions and KPIs. However, tactics are intentional marketing strategies used by many companies.

Some of my marketing plan steps are marketing tactics, like:

  • Giveaways
  • Feedback boosts brand credibility
  • Blog promotion
  • Marketing on social media

Four-step process for developing an effective marketing plan

  1. Set a value for your business.
  2. Find your niche market.
  3. Determine who you want to read your work.
  4. Incorporate Measurable Objectives

You’re ready! Prepare a marketing plan.

You have a plan of action now. Create a marketing strategy to put that plan into action. It’s important to break down larger, more distant objectives into more manageable, near-term targets. One may more precisely define “being an authority in the travel community” as:

  • Within six months, work with two influencers.
  • Get published in a popular travel media outlet (at least x monthly visitors).
  • Set a marketing plan timeline and target a specific audience. 

After that, choose the best marketing strategies for this goal and audience and start. Good luck!

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