Difference Between Good and Bad Essays

By: | Updated: Jan-6, 2024
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Writing essays is a complicated task. It is easy to spoil essay by grammar mistakes. We tell you the difference between good and bad essays. If you need a help with writing, you can use check my paper online.

An essay is a student work, a type of prose essay that is written in free form, and, in fact, is the author’s statement on a given topic.

This paper does not test the student’s knowledge, but his ability to prove his point of view, as well as to formulate thoughts and build them consistently and logically. Essays are one of the most creative assignments given at university.

Despite its seeming simplicity, it gives good results

  1. The student develops creative thinking
  2. The ability to express one’s point of view concisely and with arguments is also developed
  3. Analytical thinking is formed

If we talk about the content of the essay, it is better to follow the following 5 principles when writing

  1. The essay expresses, first of all, the point of view of the author, which means that it has a subjective character. Therefore it is not necessary to try to generalize another’s opinion on the given question, it is better to express the and to compare it with already available hypotheses or axioms.
  2. Despite the fact that the essay is primarily interesting to your point of view, but it should be remembered that you are considering a certain topic, and therefore, in the content of the essay, it must be disclosed. To check if you are moving in the right direction, it is better to answer the following questions:

– Is the topic / question revealed?

– How accurate are the thoughts?

– How correctly and competently is the essay written?

  1. Public speaking skills are a skill that has been in demand since antiquity and has not lost its significance, and it is in this form of work that it can and should be demonstrated. Therefore, your essay should be inspiring, able to persuade the reader to accept your way of thinking. Having a public speaker coach to guide you through the nuances of effective communication will be immensely beneficial. This professional guidance will ensure that your essay not only engages but also resonates deeply with your audience.
  2. Individuality and peculiarity. Yes, it sounds quite banal – this very individuality is demanded from everywhere now, and, of course, a kilo of raisins. But when it comes to essays, there is something else in mind: form is as important as content. For your thoughts to be heard, they must be interestingly presented. Therefore, you should pay attention to your literary style and writing skills.
  3. Don’t forget the details. Any work looks more convincing and weighty if it mentions certain facts, interesting arguments, gives examples from reliable literary sources, there are references to important publications or names. It seems like a trifle, and when read it makes an indelible impression.

Now let us consider the important structural elements that must be contained in the essay

Introduction. In this part, it is better to pay attention to the problem / topic that is stated in the essay.

The main part, which is built on the principle of “thesis-argument” (it is better if it contains 2-3 facts).


A fairly simple structure allows you to express thoughts in a free form, but without losing the integrity that is necessary for any work.

What’s in a bad essay?

Eloquence is certainly good, but remember that brevity is the sister of talent. Therefore, it is better not to use difficult, intricate, complex sentences to understand. Also try not to pour water, it is better to write less than to fill the void with meaningless phrases. In addition, essays should not be overloaded with long introductions – closer to the point, everything should be in moderation. And still it is recommended to recheck the text written several times as the existence of errors very much spoils impression.

So, let’s summarize: to write a good essay you need to be concise, consistent and give the arguments that you can prove. Details – adorn any business, so do not hesitate to shine the facts, if you have them somewhere. And also choose the style of writing that will be most organic for a given genre. If you follow these rules, you can get a complete work that will be interesting to readers.

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