Difference Between USB Type A and USB Type B

By: | Updated: Jul-15, 2023
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Difference Between USB Type A and USB Type B

Your phones appear with various connectors for several variety of data transfer. We’re sure that you have this usual form of data transport called USB. You often utilize this in your laptops, computers and other appliances that demand huge grade of data transfer.

It facilitate you to connect USB drives, keyboards, mouse and other instrument without require to take the space. Additionally, you also don’t have to handle with many connecter whenever you need to use a diverse device.

Summary Table

USB Type A USB Type B
Smaller size  

Bigger size

12v at 480 mbps in speed 5v at 125 mbps in speed

Used for printers, scanners and external hard drives.

Used for printers and mobile phones

You need to understand that USB is an important model in the computer world because it has allowed you to transfer very large size of data without having to wipe out your periodical internet allowance. USB is also very compliant for you and has permitted numberless inventive device to be created.

As you might know, USB is a standard that was initially established by Intel but now you utilize this for transferring your data among lot of appliances. Moreover, it has grow to be a regular process of linking your computers and laptops to other gadgets.

We know that there are many types of USB exist. Among them, the USB Type A and the USB Type B are the kinds of USB that you use the most. In fact, they are the two separate connectors that have been created by different companies.

This article will explain the difference between USB Type A and USB Type B so that you can figure out the diverse advantages and disadvantages of both.

What is USB Type A?

Difference Between USB Type A and USB Type B

You may have this USB Type A in the shape of mini USB joint. You usually apply it to unite appliances like keyboards, external hard drives, mouse and cameras. You are able to utilize this joint for your cell phone as well even though we hardly make use of it for a cell.

We can recognize that this kind of USB does not possess loads of works. On the other hand it is very famous since you can easily connect with many devices without having to concern regarding the cord.

With only one cable, you can move great quantity of data to other appliances. You can link it with your keyboards, USB sticks, and mouse. It is a very good alternative for you as well to link to your printing machine or digital scanner.

This has directed to the advancement of numerous other gadgets as well. The joint is very pliant too and can be applied with tons of various appliances. The connecter is very economical and you can purchase it reasonably on Amazon or eBay.

It is very simple to connect as there is only one part which makes it very effortless for us who have not had many knowledge with USB transmission. We choose to take appliances that are very comfortable to utilize and have various usage. That’s why the USB Type A maintains its reputation up until now.

What is USB Type B?

You may feel familiar with USB Type B since this is commonly used in your laptops and computers. You can also recognize that this USB is alike with Type A but has much smaller size. We often called this as mini USB or Type B.

At the beginning, Microsoft created this kind of joint because they were looking for a cheap method of transferring your data from one apparatus to other. You need to be aware that since they created The Type B, the entire Windows electronic computer has been utilized it from 2000.

They considered that the Type B is very much more compliant for you than the Type A. For this reason, they desired to incorporate this connector in their completely new computing machine. So this will make it simpler for you to move your data.

You can easily use this type of USB since it enables you to connect loads of different device along with your mobile phones and printing machine. The connector applies a mini shape element which makes it very effortless to utilize it in your daily routine.

On top of that, you will also have a minor joint than the Type A and able use it with diverse kinds of data transmit. That’s why it turns into very famous item in other gadgets too

You can buy it with very inexpensive cost on Amazon or eBay. It is quite tiny to suit your laptop and has been utilized in a lot of laptops so that you can simply connect every types of devices to their personal computer. Up to now, you use this type of joint very much.

How are they related?

As we all know, the two connectors provide basically the similar purpose for you. However you need to be aware that both of them created on different shape component and hold distinct usage. You know that the main target of USB is to enable your personal computer and other gadgets to relocate your data.

Both USB Type A and USB Type B are kinds of joint that use the same cable to make it easier for you to shift your data. This makes you to connect a lot of various forms of device and use them without having to annoy about the transfer cord.

You may realized that these two USBs are very much popular and have been utilized to connect in several devices. These USBs are very famous and flexible for you since they make a very simple way to transferring your data.

You can always buy them on Amazon or eBay from different dealers.

What are the differences?


You see that the USB Type A is usually bigger than your USB Type B and it has been developed to adjust the demands of more consumer like you. You are aware that the joint of Type A has a larger magnitude than the other type.

You can use it with various kinds of data transfer device like your printing machine, digital scanner and external hard drives.

If you like little stuff, the Type B joint that utilizes mini shape element is ideal for you!


First thing you need to know is the normal speed of USB which is 5v at 1000mbps. You are able to reach the speed up to 12v at a speed of 480mbps if you use the Type A.

While your USB Type B can merely achieve speeds up to 5v at 125mbps and incompetent to obtain the maximum speed of USB.


You understand that USB Type A and USB Type B have the same joint though their dimension are diverse. You will require either one of them to plug in your personal computer or all other apparatus that demand data transfer.

In the meantime if you are going to apply it to connect your printing machine to mobile phones, you may choose USB Type A that has a sort of bigger size.

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