Difference Between Apple Pencil 1 and 2

By: | Updated: Apr-20, 2022
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If you are an iPad user, you must be familiar with Apple Pencil. It is an Apple’s invention and has made a big impact on the field of design and marketing.

This accessory comes with an eraser-like shape. It looks very cute and adorable. This is just like any other pen that you can buy from the market, but it works on the iPad’s display screen and not on paper. If you are wondering how it works, then let me tell you that it is not a stylus pen, which would make the ink run out of its tip; rather, it acts as a pencil to draw or write on the screen of your iPad device.

Apple Pencil 1 Apple Pencil 2
Launched in September 2015. Released in October 2018.
Has a spherical shape. Has a flat shape.
Less expensive, at $99. More expensive, at $129.
Has a shiny plastic surface. Has a matte surface.

Difference Between Apple Pencil 1 and 2

You can use this for drawing in various apps like Photoshop SketchBook Pro, Procreate, Procreate Express for iPhone and many more apps as well. It supports all kinds of brushes, color options and much more which will help you draw on your iPad screen in a better way than any other devices. You can also use this accessory for writing down notes or even taking handwritten notes on your tablet with ease.

Apple released the first-generation Apple pencil in September 2015. The Apple Pencil 2 (second generation) is very likely to be released in October 2018.

Both of the Apple Pencils are round, but they are different in their shape. Compared to the other pencils, Apple Pencil 1 has a spherical shape, and compared to the other pencils, Apple Pencil 2 has a flat shape. On a flat surface, the pencil should be firmly in place. Not important, the pencil should not roll away.

Apple pencil 1 has a shiny plastic surface, just like a planepod. It is possible to use an apple pencil 2 with a matte surface on it. It feels like a regular wooden pencil. Every day we use it to write our messages.

The apple pencil 1 has a shiny finish and is spherical, and that is a dangerous situation for someone who is grasping the pencil and causing it to slip. What does the Apple Pencil 2 mean? This is not the same thing that you might think. It is finished with a matte finish, with the result that even people with weak grips can hold it.

The Apple Pencil 1 has a lightning connector on the side of the apple iPad, so that you can connect it to the lightning port in order to charge it. A power adapter is also supplied for charging purposes.

Apple pencils that have been in production for two generations are exceptional, because they connect magnetically to the rest of the world instead of using lightning. You can put this charger on the right side of your iPad, so that it can be charged, or you can pair it with your iPad.

It is important that the iPad screen is latency-free. The new iPad pros have a 60 hz screen. It looks like the old Apple Pencil 2 (OR, Apple Pencil 1) screen. The older models had 120 hz screens, but those were designed for the Apple Pencil 1. That is the reason why the new models have a lower latency than the 2017 models.

The cost of an Apple Pencil 1 is $99 and the cost of an Apple Pencil 2 is $129. Seeing that Apple 2 is the newer model, the difference in price is not unexpected at all. However, since the features of both models are not much different from each other, if you are on budget, it is still perfectly advantageous for you to purchase Apple Pencil 1

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