Difference Between EduBirdie And EssayPro

By: | Updated: Sep-30, 2022
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It is common to have challenges such as lack of time and topic complexity when writing academic papers. Luckily you can get help from online writers such as Edubirdie and EssayPro. The fact that many online paper writers claim to be the best, you need to review them before deciding to use a service. The main difference between the two services is that Edubirdie ensures fast, quality, and affordable services all the time.EssayPro promises quality papers, but there are several flaws in its promises.

Difference Between EduBirdie And PapersOwl

Professional writers

You can only be certain you will get your paper on time if there are enough writers to write your paper. Edubirdie boasts of more than 1,000 highly qualified professional writers. Most of them have Ph.D. or masters and have more than five years of writing experience. They are available 24/7 to help you get quality paper at any time. No matter the volume of the order you have, you will be certain it will be delivered when you need it.

EssayPro has a limited number of writers, which means they can only deliver a limited number of papers at a time. Most students who order papers do so due to the limitation of time. If you order from EssayPro, you might be forced to wait in the queue for a writer to be available. This is a disadvantage because you will likely get late to deliver your paper and be disqualified.

You can get overwhelmed by the amount of work you get daily in college. All assignments received are important in helping you become a better writer. You need to work harder to make sure you get the best grades, although time is often a problem. You can get help from an online writing service and submit papers that earn higher grades. Before you order your essay, you may want to search and find out is edubirdie legit in its online help services.’ Its professional writers offer essay services to students all over the world. Every student who orders a paper from this service records a higher level of satisfaction.

Online Reputation

Edubirdie receives hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied students located all over the world. When you need a service that will meet your expectations, Edubirdie is a good choice. Your papers will be safe, and you can communicate with their writers and customer service anytime. Their guarantees for quality paper and timeliness have earned them an excellent online reputation.

EssayPro claims that it has served many customers and has completed more than 300,000 orders. The only problem is that most of their online reviews are not genuine. The service has received many positive reviews from users, but they are far from perfect. You can only be sure to receive genuine services if the reviews are genuine.


Edubirdie’s minimum price per page is $13.99. You have the advantage of negotiating with your writer to get the best money-saving price. This depends on the total pages of your order, complexity, urgency, and writer qualifications. Once you deposit your money, the writer doesn’t access it until you receive your paper and are satisfied. It is only at this time that you release the money.

When ordering with EssayPro, you follow the same procedure where you give instructions about your paper and choose your writer. The price for writing an article starts at $11.40 and depends on various wishes of the customer.

Paper quality and customer service

Edubirdie was founded in 2015 and serves more than 500,000 users monthly. Their writers are experienced in research which helps them write high-quality papers. To create perfect papers, they use plagiarism-checking tools, grammar checkers, editing, proofreading, and other important writing tools. Students seeking to earn higher grades choose this service.

EssayPro was founded more then 15+ years ago and has served many customers since then. It is not clear how many customers they serve per month, but the number doesn’t seem high because they don’t have many writers. Their customers are happy with the quality, although the number of unhappy customers is high. The main complaints are about being late to submit, a lot of revision requirements, and students receiving lower grades.


Edubirdie and EssayPro have been in the paper writing market for many years. They have served thousands of customers from all over the world. The number of clients and total orders delivered by Edubirdie has continually grown month after month. They have received thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers. EssayPro has completed many orders, although their customers have noted many flaws in their service delivery, paper quality, and pricing.

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