Difference Between Essay And Reflection Paper

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The writing process may differ in various situations and depending on the criteria. Like in childhood, we learned that writing poetry and a story are totally different, and these differences showcase the distinct nature of various papers.

In this article, the discussion will be on essay papers and reflection papers. While many people think that essay papers are almost the same as reflection writing as both share a thinking process in writing. But the distinction is seen in the delivery of these two writing processes.

For instance, in a reflection paper, you will not need to be tidily ordered as it involves both the processes of thinking and learning simultaneously. But, on the other hand, essays have orders and formations as well. So, you need to be in order and then follow your thinking process to prepare an essay.

Where the essay depends on guidelines and structures, you can be a bit frank with reflective writing.

So, the approaches are different, and this is where students find it difficult and confusing to complete their assignments. In addition, when you are on a tight schedule, tension will try to harm your writing process.

Essay And Reflection Paper

Difference between essay and reflection paper

The difference is there, and it will be more clear to you if we tend to state every feature of these two types of the writing process in front of you. Here is what we are exactly going to do.

This article will allow you to understand the crucial difference between these two types of the writing process, and thus, as a student, you will find it easy to complete your homework. Time is money and managing your time is important as a student, especially when you are dealing with your deadline.

Let’s find out the distinctions between essay and reflection papers so that you can avoid confusion and complete your homework on time.

1. Structure

Essays are mostly properly structured and are in order. Tidily ordered essays are mostly considered good essays. Commonly, an essay starts with an introduction, and the majority of it goes to the body part (discussion), and then there is a clear conclusion to state the thinking process.

Moreover, the subject matter needs to be clearly defined in your essay structure.

In contrast, reflective writings are ill-structured, and the subject matter may diffuse. There is no particular structure to reflective writing. In a reflection paper, you start writing, and you continue to do it without following any particular segment.

However, there are various reflective models that you can follow to give a concise shape to your reflective structure.

2. Subject matter

Subject matter in a written paper may seem like you are selecting the topic, and depending on it, you go through the matter. But this is not all.

The subject matter that you will select should not be personal for an essay. The subject matter needs to be clearly defined and specified with the help of proper subject area research.

Moreover, you will need to have a concise idea about which particular subject you are going for and how much information you can gather to complete the writing.

In contrast, a reflection paper and its subject matter can be personal because you will need to experience it before you write it. So, it’s a continuous process that may need more time than an essay to complete.

Moreover, the ideas in reflective paper writing can be drawn from the perspective of the writer. Your forged reflection will be the key to defining the subject matter.

3. Purpose

As we have already defined, the purpose of essay writing is mostly pre-determined. When you select a topic, you are likely to know what type of data you are undertaking and how you are going to end it.

So, there is always a concise plan ready to go before you start writing. In this way, the purpose of your writing an essay is also pre-determined, and therefore the reader mostly knows the results.

On the other hand, the only purpose of reflective writing is to deliver a process of learning through thinking and development. This is a continuous development process that considers the gradual delivery of a new understanding of the particular subject matter.

4. Intention

Intentions of writing can change the whole scenario of a paper. For instance, if your intention is to let the audience understand your view on environmental sustainability, then your writing approach and even the subject matter will be based on an experimental process.

On the other hand, if your intention is to be a representative of some process, then the writing approach will be different from the above.

In the case of essay writing, it generally represents the learning of a subject matter. On the other hand, the reflection essay delivers the underlying purpose of the subject matter. And here, you will get to learn new ideas with the development of understanding.

5. Outcome

The outcome is set with an essay, whereas the outcome is not confirmed with a reflection paper.

This means that you will get to know what is there in an essay and what it is going to discuss so far in the whole paper.

But reflective papers are not confirmed with their outcomes. This is because it deals with a personal point of view. A writer can forge you to understand their view depending on their perspectives and experience throughout.

Over the course of experience, you will be able to discover new ideas and outcomes in the eyes of a writer.

Complete your homework by segmenting essays and reflection papers separately.

If you are confused, the above-mentioned steps will help you to understand the different writing approaches regarding essays and reflection papers. In this way, you will be able to complete your homework as quickly as possible.

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